OZ Sales Inc is your sales team in the electrical industry. We focus on power quality, automation, controls and magnetics.

OZ Sales Inc - Your Electrical Sales Team

Focused On Magnetics, VFD Peripherals & Power Quality​


OZ Sales Inc. is an expert in transformers of all sizes and configurations, which includes control class, distribution class, liquid filled power and dry type power transformers.

VFD Peripherals

OZ Sales Inc. is a leader in automation and drive peripherals. Our product offering includes line/load reactors, DV/DT filters, harmonic filters, sinewave filters, and EMI/RFI filters

Power Quality

OZ Sales Inc. is a specialist in power quality ranging from: power factor, harmonics, transients to EMI/RFI. Our product offering includes harmonic mitigating transformers, PFC banks, surge suppression and VFD peripheral products.

Learn About OZ Sales Inc's Vendors

Transfab TMS

Wide range of industrial control and power quality solutions

Partner Technologies Incorporated (PTI)

Manufacturer of liquid filled distribution, small/medium transformers

Electric Power Inc. (EPI)

Manufacturer of standard and custom dry-type transformers up to 600V


Manufactures high quality medium and high voltage dry type transformers

Cos Phi

Full-service Power Factor and Power Quality correction services


Specializes in producing and distributing flame-resistant, arc-rated, and high-visibility workwear