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OZ Sales Inc, Transfab TMS, Transfab

Transfab TMS

Transfab TMS manufactures and offers a wide range of industrial control and power quality solutions.

Transformers, Transformer, Electrical Transformer, Ontario Transformer, TMS, Transfab

TM2 Series HVAC

EXA Series Industrial

Sinewave Filter

Braking Resistor

Custom Transformers

Distribution Transformer

Visible Break Transformer

Small Power Transformer

Medium Power Transformer

High Voltage Padmount

Partner Technologies Inc.

PTI manufactures liquid filled distribution, small and medium size power transformers up to base rating of 30MVA at 145KV.

Electric Power Inc.

Electric Power Inc. manufactures a full line of standard and custom-engineered dry-type transformers.

Three Phase Isolation Transformer

Single Phase Isolation Transformer

Specialty Custom Transformer

Three Phase Auto Transformer

Single Phase Auto Transformer

Cast Coil Transformer

Dry Type Power Transformer

Three Phase Dry Type Transformer


Atlas Transformers manufactures high quality medium and high voltage dry type transformers. up to a base rating of 20 MVA, at 46 kV.

Cos Phi

Cos Phi is a full-service power factor and power quality correction company that offers services such as analyses & designs, manufactures, application and preventative maintenance services.

Automatic Capacitor Bank

Low Voltage Capacitors

Static Capacitor Bank

Arc rated Face Shield

Arc Rated FR Balaclava

Arc rated fR Coat

Arc Rated FR coveralls

Arc Rated FR Pants


Millworks specializes in producing and distributing top quality, Canadian-made safety apparel that is: flame-resistant, arc-rated and high-visibility.

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